Who is StoYo?
We are a next generation social video studio based in Berlin, Germany. With our team of highly talented creatives we produce videos tailored for the mobile era, which are distributed through the social channels of the world’s most prestigious media brands.
How does it work?
You have a very intriguing story to tell. With our unique approach we discover engaging topics like yours that our audiences love. Since we take copyrights very seriously, our experts make sure that a mutual agreement is reached before we feature your story. Once we have your permission, our creative team will produce a snackable social media video with your content and distribute it through our social media partner network.
Where will my video be posted?
Once your story has peaked the interest of one of our publishers, we will let you know via e-mail which page will be posting the video, as well as a link to that page. What you can be sure of: the video will only be posted on a Facebook page of an established partner that we have an official agreement with.
Will you be reposting my video?
We would like to create a short edit of your clip/content, with simple accompanying copy and in some cases include music over your footage. For stills or text, our video specialists will work hard on presenting your content in a social media friendly format to reach as many people as possible. The video will be natively posted on the partner’s Facebook page to increase the reach of with your material.
Is this going to cost me anything?
No, being published through our partners is absolutely free of charge.
Are you licensing my footage?
We kindly ask for permission to post a video with your content on a partner’s Facebook page. It can be understood as a non-exclusive license without commercial use.
Will you use the clip for commercial use?
The video will be natively posted on Facebook as editorial content. This means there is no commercial use for the video. It won’t be used as advertising or branded content either.
What is the video for?
Our partners want to spread good content that’s worth sharing and of interest to their community. We strongly believe that there are many good – but unfortunately untold – stories out there. You can see us as an catalyst for your story to be seen by the masses. The video will be featured as an editorial piece on one of our partner’s social media pages, to give you a platform to share your great work.
Will you be able to pay me for my content?
Since your content will be featured as a non-commercial editorial piece, we are unable to pay for your content. We offer you free publicity on some of the most popular pages on Facebook with millions of followers.
If there are any issues regarding the published video, who do I contact?
In case you encounter issues with the published clip, please contact StoYo Media before reporting the clip. We are fully responsible for the publication and the content of the clip. For any urgent matters please contact us directly at You can also call/Whatsapp us on +49 (0) 1590 417 9108
For non urgent issues, you can contact us at: Please include a link to the clip in question and/or a phone number where we can reach you.